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Blockchain Startup EOS PRO Announces Enterprise-Grade EOSIO Distributed Network

Tue, July 31, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - Blockchain-based startup EOS PRO announces its launch, offering enterprise-grade distributed infrastructure using powerful, high speed EOSIO open source blockchain software. The group offers both public and private distributed networks maintained by permissioned, vetted enterprise-grade nodes equipped to provide business-ready security, scalability, performance and support.

The core team is gearing up to launch its EOS PRO Public Blockchain in Q4 of 2018, suitable for professional deployment of public-facing, transparent distributed applications demanding performance, affordability, and predictability in cost of deployment. Their public blockchain deploys an ad hoc configuration of the EOSIO software hosted by an enterprise-grade distributed network of nodes.

EOS PRO also offers a full suite of enterprise solutions, including orchestration of private distributed architecture that can be optionally hosted by trusted nodes, suitable for applications requiring decentralized data validation, while maintaining data privacy, security and reliability.

Co-founder Gee Sivalingam describes PRO’s mission: “EOSIO software can scale transaction throughput to meet realistic demand. Its flexible, robust blockchain software can replicate centralized experiences in a decentralized environment. Our mission at EOS PRO is to make this innovative software accessible in a business-friendly environment, as well as provide hands-on solutions to challenges affecting mainstream and enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.”

The team chose to work with the EOSIO software because of its highly innovative features that include inter-blockchain communication, flexible permissions, parallel transaction execution, and inter-blockchain communications that can potentially scale to an unlimited number of of transactions per second. The software continues to be developed by with a 10 year vested interest, led by experienced blockchain architect Dan Larimer who has a long track record of successful blockchain applications.

“We envision a future where inter-connected blockchains will serve as the protocol of the future, and EOSIO facilitates this vision”, said Keith Koo, co-founder and CFO. “Having raised the largest ICO on record to date and having over one billion dollars in venture capital funding growth, we believe EOS will lead the way in this space for years to come.”

EOS PRO was founded in 2018 with a goal of bringing real use and adoption to blockchain through enterprise grade deployment of EOSIO software. Its team is comprised of blockchain technologists, business executives, lawyers and advisers. Learn more at

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